FCM Skip Hire offers many sizes of skips for hire on the Fylde Coast, ranging from 2yd mini skips all the way up to 20yd skips. Simply check the details below to hire a skip suitable for your requirements. It is often good practice to hire a skip that’s the next size up from the skip you think you require just to be sure, as we cannot collect an overfilled skip. The cost difference between the larger skip is much less than ordering two smaller ones.


Keep in mind that you may need to secure a skip permit before you start your project, so contact your local council. Once you are ready to hire a skip, one of our models will be the perfect solution.


We offer a variety of sizes of skips: 

  • 4 Cubic Yards (3.2’ H. x 6’ L. x 4.3’ W.)
  • 6 Cubic Yards (4’ H. x 8.6’ L. x 5’ W.)
  • 8 Cubic Yards (4’ H. x 12’ L. x 5.6’ W.)
  • 12 Cubic Yards (5.6’ H. x 12.2’ L. x 5.1’ W.)
  • 20 Cubic Yards (6.1’ H. x 20’ L. x 7.9’ W.)

These sizes work for most projects. But, if your project requires another size, we also offer 2, 10, 14 and 40 Cubic Yards Skips.


Our two smallest skips, the 2 Cubic Yards and the 4 Cubic Yards Skips are ideal for home improvement and DIY projects. Both of these models are tough enough to handle heavy waste like concrete, soil, clay and bricks. They can hold 25 black bin bags or 40 black bin bags, respectively.


Our 8 Cubic Yards Skip can hold about 70 black bin bags. This is our most popular skip in the building industry and works well for medium sized projects. It can also handle heavy waste types.


The 12 Cubic Yards and 20 Cubic Yards Skips are more suited for large-scale construction or home projects. The 12 Cubic Yards Skip can manage 110 black bin bags while the 20 Cubic Yards Skip can hold 220 black bin bags. These larger skips are a great choice for projects that will require removing a lot of mixed waste.


As you plan for your next project, contact us for guidance in choosing the right skip for the job. We can help you book a skip that will be able to handle the amount of waste you need to remove with ease, so your project will go smoothly.


When you are ready to hire a skip, be ready to tell us your postcode, where the skip will be used, what type of waste you have and which payment method you want to use. You can book a skip online or contact us on 01253 357058 for assistance.

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